The new BOOK !!! - --- MEIN WELT ---- yey !!!!!

yey !!! finally,
I just published the book MEIN WELT !
I have worked on it since October 2010.
I am really happy with it , since the beginning it was supposed to be a fancy pretty and a bit expensive book, but it worths every single penny. The book is beautiful, touching and absolute not logical. Typical Mein Welt.
Life couldn't be better. I am so grateful that I was able to produce and publish it , a real dream, a real miracle.

You that are more intimate of my work , this blog and Mein Welt in general can understand much more about the book.

Book concerned to register the Mein Welt Culture with poetry and beauty, its characters, ornaments, architecture, furniture, cuisine and other aspects of this little town hidden among sunny and cold mountains ( or just "Up There" ). Photography, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture by Caio Fern.

this is the link :