REDUCTIVE__________________new book cy Caio Fernandes

REDUCTIVE is my new book !

I am very exited about this one as The Pictorial Concequence was a real success I decided to produce this that is shorter , and more intence .

It has 34 pages of the best painting among the best . The text ( yes , this one has text ) was writen by me but totaly revised by an American Angel , so it keeps my sweet literary style but doesn't have that festival of grammatical crimes i force you , my dear friends , to read when you come to visit me here .

For the first time not only on my books , but on blogs as well, i talk about and explain the 4 phases of my production sinse 1999 . And give an explanation of how and why Mein Welt exists. And why it is Mein Welt and not the correct Meine Welt ( as people usualy asks me ).

ATERCES ADIV - 1999-2001

SAO PAULO - 2002

MEIN WELT - 2004-2009

actual -2010 , and what is happening .

And the price is the cheaper of the market , really , for only 14 dollars ( i don't even know to convert this to my own money but i know it is ridiculous cheap ) . Camon , it is the price of a meal .

i am very exited ! this book is like a good rock'n'roll album , intence , short , easy to fall in love with , at the end you feel like to see it all again , and again .

And the layout is incredible .

On blurb you can have an idea , but it was designed for the original size and on Blurb you see it reduced , is hard to read the texts or see the details of the page's backgrounds . But on your hands it is .......smuack! bellissimo !

buy it now while is only 14 dollars !